1649.20 - Workshop III – Creative Writing – Poeisis & Poetry

Course number
Workshop III – Creative Writing – Poeisis & Poetry
Students must successfully complete Workshop II – Writing before they can join this course.
Students will gain insight into theory and methods in poetry and creative writing, and learn to apply this knowledge in their own writing craft.
The concept poeisis is a term from Ancient Greek and means to produce or create something, which did not exist before. This course focuses on examining the link between artistic creation/production and words as the raw material of creation. We work with poetry, playwriting, recitation/performance, and linguistics under the direction of teachers, who work with these areas in different ways.
Learning and teaching approaches
The approach used is workshop-based teaching with exercises, discussions, lectures and presentations.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course can demonstrate ability to: - explain different methods and language uses within poetry, playwriting, and text for recitation/performance, - discuss these genres analytically and critically, - demonstrate examples of own works within these genres (produce a portfolio).
Assessment method
Combined examination. Oral examination based on the portfolio submitted two weeks before the examination.
Marking scale
Relevant materials are circulated at the start of the course. For examination, students shall submit the material examined during the course. The volume of this material must be equivalent to the provisions for BA-level courses at the Faculty of Faroese Language and Literature.
Inger Smærup Sørensen