1650.20 - Workshop III – Music

Course number
Workshop III – Music
Students must successfully complete Workshop II before they can join this course.
Students will acquire knowledge about music technology, sampling and synthesis and learn to apply this knowledge in practice in their own music making.
This course is a continuation of Workshop II – Music. Students will learn computer-based sound processing and production, and how to use relevant software and technology. Students will learn to use field recordings in music and students will gain insight into methods used in sampling and synthesis, in addition to advanced use of recording studios. Students will work with their own material and compositions receiving guidance from teachers. The course will focus especially on building and developing independent music making.
Learning and teaching approaches
Classes will be workshop-based with exercises, discussions, lectures and presentations.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course can demonstrate ability to: - explain methods and procedures in music technology, sampling and synthesis, - discuss these independently and critically, - demonstrate independent examples of these in practice (produce portfolio)
Assessment method
Combined assessment. Oral examination based on a portfolio submitted two weeks before examination.
Marking scale
Relevant materials are circulated at the start of the course. For examination, students are required to submit the material examined during the course. The volume of this material must be equivalent to the provisions for BA-level courses at the Faculty of Faroese Language and Literature.
Sunleif Rasmussen