1654.21 - Theory IV, Context – Art as Shared Experience

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Theory IV, Context – Art as Shared Experience
Participants are required to have successfully completed the following courses: Workshop III, Independent Work III and Theory III.
Students develop a more complex conceptualisation of their artistic practice by situating their work in a societal context and evaluating their work in relation to recent movements in contemporary art that stress the social role of art.
The course will examine the connections that exist between the individual artist and the contexts in which the artist works. In particular, we will discuss the relations between art and critique, art and academic research, art and politics, as well as art in public spaces, i.e., art as a shared experience. Among the questions to be considered are: How is artistic work influenced by dominant schools of thought and societal demands? How free is art? Which insights can be gained from art and what are we to do about those insights? How does the work of the artist relate to the work of the critic and scholar?
Learning and teaching approaches
Teaching is organised as 3 hours of class-based teaching per week. Lectures, presentations and discussions.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course should be able to: - describe relevant debates and critiques in contemporary art in relation to their own artistic practice - demonstrate knowledge of contemporary academic discourses on art - discuss and critically assess the roles of art in societal contexts.
Assessment method
Active participation. Active participation means that in addition to attending and participating in teaching by e.g. giving presentations, students must submit a written assignment of around 2500 words.
Marking scale
Relevant materials will be distributed at the beginning of the course.
Jens Dam Ziska