1656.21 - Artistic Work - Creative Writing

Course number
Artistic Work - Creative Writing
Participants are required to have successfully completed the following courses: Workshop III, Independent Work III and Theory III.
For students to acquire experience in independent artistic work both as individuals and as part of a group. The purpose of the work is to learn to plan an artistic project and to execute the project successfully.
This course is the culmination of the practice-based courses that students complete in their first two years. Students will collaborate on making an anthology of texts that draws on the theoretic tools and methods which they have acquired during Workshop I – III and Independent Work I – III. Students will make individual contributions to the anthology, but must together ensure that the anthology constitutes an artistic whole. Students will be responsible for planning and carrying out the project. In addition to the artistic project itself, the course work also encompasses cooperating with potential suppliers, marketing, and securing potential external funding.
Learning and teaching approaches
Students will meet once a week for 4 hours. A supervisor will be present to offer guidance and ensure progress on the project. In addition, students will be working independently, both as individuals responsible for their own contribution, and as a group responsible for the artistic quality of the whole anthology. If necessary, other supervisors whose expertise is required may be invited to take part in the instruction.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course should be able to: - plan an artistic project from initial idea to final production - realize the project in collaboration with others - create an independent and significant contribution to a larger artistic whole - explain and assess their own artistic work in relation to the project of which the work is a part
Assessment method
Combined examination. Oral examination based on a portfolio. The anthology is part of the portfolio.
Marking scale
Relevant materials will be distributed at the beginning of the course and as required. Each student will submit a bibliography equivalent to around 400 pages in addition to what the students produce during the course.
Jens Dam Ziska