1665.21 - Mentor conversations – Creative Writing

Course number
Mentor conversations – Creative Writing
Students must be enrolled on the Bachelor in Creative Arts programme.
The aim of this course is to support, develop and strengthen students in working with their own creative writing. In consultation with the programme leader, each student choses a mentor, who will guide the student in their writing and provide the student with tools to produce tangible outcomes in written form.
Together the mentor and student will draw up a plan for the semester, which is tailored to the form and genre the student works with. Through conversations with the mentor, close reading and critique the student will work to distinguish and develop their own written work and style.
Learning and teaching approaches
The mentor and student will meet 10 hours in total in the course of one semester. The approach is individual conversations in which the student’s written work is discussed and developed. In addition to the student’s own texts, the mentor and student will read other literary material, which is intended as inspiration for the student’s writing.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course can demonstrate ability to: - explain the method they apply to their own writing - analyse the characteristics and distinctive features of their own writing with regards to style, genre and references - assess the development of their own writing
Assessment method
Portfolio + annex due for submission at the end of the course (10 - 15 pages).
Marking scale
The student and mentor agree on a reading list with material that resonates with and challenges the student’s writing. The volume of this material must be equivalent to the provisions for BA-level courses at the Faculty of Faroese Language and Literature.
Jens Dam Ziska