1666.21 - Independent Work With Additional Assignments – Music

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Independent Work With Additional Assignments – Music
Students must be enrolled on the Bachelor in Creative Arts
The purpose of this course is to develop independent composition and the skills to discern how decisions made by a composer, condition the artistic characteristics of the resulting pieces. In addition, the purpose is to take part in the production of a project by a professional artist and enable insight into their approach. Students will learn to work critically and independently with their own music making, as well as to describe their own music making and artistic profile. In addition, students will learn to work methodically on a music project, which is not their own, and by means of cooperation apply use relevant methods to execute this project.
Students will work with their own works composed for the course. The main emphasis will be on close listening and analysis of these works considering how composition and arrangement correlate with the student’s artistic intentions. Students will also take part in a music project, which is not their own, where work will focus on methodically recording written music, editing these recordings, and applying the final audio processing
Learning and teaching approaches
Teaching will be arranged as 3 hours of weekly lectures during one semester. In addition to practical participation in a composition project, the teaching approach used is master classes where students’ own works are discussed and developed through analytical conversations in group and one-to-one.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course can demonstrate ability to: - explain their own method - analyse their own composition with regards to style and genre of music - assess the artistic strengths and weaknesses of their own works - apply relevant methods in practice to execute a project, which is not their own
Assessment method
Combined. A piece composed by the student of their own choice + oral presentation.
Marking scale
Relevant materials will be circulated at the beginning of the course.
Sunleif Rasmussen