1671.22 - Final Project and Thesis - Music

Course number
Final Project and Thesis - Music
Students must be enrolled on the BA in Creative Arts
Project: Through organised one-to-one supervision, the purpose of this course is to support and strengthen students in their work to develop their own independent approach to music. In the process students will learn to harness different sources of inspiration. The course will conclude with each student submitting an independent piece of music. Thesis: Through supervision students are supported in applying theory to discuss their own creative process and to write a thesis with a reflective perspective on their own final piece of independent music/project.
In consultation with their supervisor students draft a plan for their final project and thesis. The plan is subject to the approval of the programme leader and confirmation by the dean.
Learning and teaching approaches
Independent work with supervision and individual feedback from a supervisor. Each student is allocated a total of 14 hours with their own supervisor. In addition, joint forums/plenaries with presentations and discussions constitute a significant component of teaching and learning, student participation is mandatory.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete this course can demonstrate ability to: Project - create independent pieces of music - harness different sources of inspiration as an active component of their creative process - demonstrate development regarding their own mode of composition/music Thesis - explain their own method/creative process - apply theory when describing and discussing their own creative process - discuss, with reflective perspective, their own musical work
Assessment method
Combined: final project + thesis due for submission 2 weeks before the oral presentation
Marking scale
To be circulated and approved at the start of the course, as per agreement between the student and supervisor, subject to the final approval of the programme leader.
Lív Maria Róadóttir Jæger