1685.23 - Independent Work I - Writing

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Independent Work I - Writing
Students must be enrolled on the Bachelor of Arts in Creative Arts programme.
The purpose of this course is to develop the students' independent writing style, to strengthen work on and reading of individual writing projects, and to enable students to find their own distinct voice in writing both in form and content.
The course emphasises in-depth work with individual texts that students write and develop over the course of the semester and submit for class readings as part of the course. The main focus will be text reading and text critique. Relevant primary texts will also be read (essays, poetics, theory on creative writing, prose and poetry) with special emphasis on reflections on and awareness of the process and methods of creative writing.
Learning and teaching approaches
Teaching spans 3 hours a week over one semester with a prefixed plan for text submissions throughout the course. In class the students’ own works are discussed and developed through critical conversations collectively and individually. Active participation: the course requires 80% class attendance and text submissions at required deadlines. Active participation is a prerequisite for students to attend examination. See also *reexamination
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course can demonstrate ability to: - explain their own creative methods - identify their own writing with respect to form, style and sources of inspiration - assess strengths and weaknesses in own texts - demonstrate a development in their own creative writing (produce portfolio of texts)
Assessment method
Combined examination. Oral examination based on a portfolio, which is due for submission before the examination (10 pages). *Reexamination: portfolio (10 pages) + reflection (7 standard pages 2.400 characters with spaces pr. page).
Marking scale
Relevant materials are circulated at the start of the course. In addition to the course bibliography, students will tailor their own personal reading list, which resonates with and challenges their own writing. The personal reading list must include a minimum of 5 literary works. The student will hand in the personal reading list at the beginning of the course.
Lív Maria Róadóttir Jæger