1866.08 - Oral ballad poetry

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Oral ballad poetry
Teaching students to analyse and understand old ballad composition on its oral terms.
Ballads as a special genre of poetry. We will work with compilation, structure, formula, imagery and other topics. The following questions will be discussed: how is the story narrated, how are the many stanzas organized, how do the parts of the story adapt to the longer whole, how are repetitions a part of oral creation and what are the meanings of the imagery used. We will consider the debate about originality versus traditional repetition in the composition. This is all underpinned by the special form of communication in chanting ballads and dancing, which necessitates an examination of the roles of the leader of the dance and the poet.
Learning and teaching approaches
3 hours a week stretching over two semesters. The course is organized into lectures and active student participation with analyses and presentations.
Assessment method
Set or open take-home assignment.
Eyðun Andreasen