1382.21 - Literary Criticism and Reviews (BA)

Course number
Literary Criticism and Reviews (BA)
Students must have completed the required core component of the BA in Faroese. However, admission may also be granted under alternative prerequisites.
The purpose of this course is to: - give students insight into the literary review as a genre in historical and genre theory contexts - develop students’ ability to draw on theory in the analysis of literary reviews as part of the literary cycle and in the Nordic/global context.
The course is theory-based and students will be assessed on their capacity to analyse literary reviews and place them in theoretical contexts. Workshops are, however, also part of the course and here students will write reviews of recent Faroese literature and debate them.
Learning and teaching approaches
- Lectures - Group work - Debates - Student presentations - Workshops
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course can demonstrate: - knowledge about and the ability to discuss the literary review as a genre in history and genre theory. - understanding of literary reviews as part of the literary cycle, where different actors interact and influence the power systems within the literary cycle - the ability to analyse Faroese reviews drawing on theory and the Nordic/global contexts.
Assessment method
Take-home assignment (two weeks) on a set topic.
Marking scale
Articles by authors such as Matthew Arnold, Northrop Frye, John Chr. Jørgensen, Sissel Furuseth, Nete Nørgaard Kristensen and Unni From will be read in addition to excerpts from: - Norsk Litteraturkritikks historie 1870-2010. 2016. Sissel Furuseth, Jahn H. Thon og Eirik Vassenden (edit.). Oslo, Universitetsforlaget 2016. - Gaard, Paula. 2021. Verjurøða ummælarans (In Defence of the Literary Critic). PhD thesis at the Faculty of Faroese Language and Literature (unpublished).
Paula Gaard