1387.22 - Platon in Faroese Form (BA)

Course number
Platon in Faroese Form (BA)
Students must have completed the required core compoenent of the BA or equivalent. This course may also be taken as an individual course under alternative prerequisites. (Refer to the programme description in force).
The purpose is to read and discuss some of Plato’s conversations in Faroese translation from a philosophical perspective.
The aim is to afford students insight into Plato’s philosophy and his influence on Western thinking in general. Based on a selection of conversations, key topics will be analysed and critically discussed through presentations and debates. The question of whether or why Plato remains relevant today will be discussed and the course will also touch on conversation as a literary genre.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, student presentations and discussions.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course can demonstrate ability to: • read and discuss literature and philosophical texts applying the conventions of scholarly analysis, • work with concepts and definitions in the discussion of texts by Plato, • analyse literature and philosophy and possible links between these, • discuss philosophical questions posed in philosophy and literature in general, • explain parts of the history of philosophy, which are both relevant and a consequence of Plato’s conversations.
Assessment method
Set take-home assignment, 2 weeks (as a guide: 10 -12 pages long).
Marking scale
This list may be amended and short texts may be added: Johansen, Karsten Friis: Den europæsiske filosofis historie 1991, pp. 181-334 Platon: Drykkjuveitslan og aðrar samrøður, 2008 Platon: Euthýfron, 2012 Platon: Menon, 2014.
Jógvan Dalbø Hansen