1393.22 - Autofiction (BA)

Course number
Autofiction (BA)
Students must have completed the required core component of the BA in Faroese. Admission may also be granted under alternative prerequisites. (Refer to the programme description in force).
Students will acquire knowledge about autofiction as a genre, knowledge about paratext, medialisation, fictionality, as well as the special position of the author in such literary works. In addition, students will be afforded insight into autofiction as a research topic, which crosses the boundaries between fact and fiction (e.g. novel and memoir), based on established genre perception. Students will develop their own ability to work analytically and to draw on theory in their examination of autofiction as a genre in the Nordic context.
Autofiction as a genre will be examined drawing on Faroese and Nordic works. Students will also read theory on the subject, which will be applied to autofiction and the autofiction current in both historical and contemporary contexts.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures and student presentations, group work, class-based discussion.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course can demonstrate ability to: - explain the key components of autofiction - explain contemporary research areas and relate them to new works of literary autofiction - use the terminology associated with the research area mentioned - analyse autofiction based on available theory and in the Nordic context.
Assessment method
Oral examination.
Marking scale
Literary works. Silvia Henriksdóttir. 2011. Sig at du lyver. William Smith. 2015. Hinumegin garðin. Høgni Mohr. 2017. Fractura nasi. Geir Gulliksen. 2017. Historie om et ægteskab. Articles. Gérard Genette, Stig Hjarvard, Johnny Kondrup, Philippe Lejeune, Stefan Iversen, Henrik Skov Nielsen, Poul Berendt, Lilian Munk Rösing, Stefan Kjerkegaard, Franz K. Stanzel, Tzvetan Todorov, Richard Walsh et al. Materials related to paratext will also be part of teaching and learning. A complete bibliography will be circulated at the start of the course.
Zakaris Svabo Hansen