1013.06 - Language History

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Language History
To provide students with a thorough understanding of the history of the Nordic languages, especially Faroese, with regard to the general development of the languages, based on ancient and contemporary texts.
Particular attention will be paid to phonetic and morphological changes and the history of vocabulary will be explored. The historical perspective of the course will include a socio-linguist approach. Faroese place names and family names will be discussed. The history of written Faroese will be reviewed. Examination For the examination, the student should be able to explain the general outlines in the history of the Nordic languages with main emphasis on the West Nordic languages and explain in general outline the history of the Faroese language from around 1300 to the present. Reading List For the examination, the student shall submit: 50 pages of text, representing various periods of language history. Two scholarly works or the equivalent of compiled papers and articles.
Learning and teaching approaches
2 lessons per week over two terms or the equivalent.
Assessment method
6-hours written exam with external examiners.