1131.06 - Literary Analysis

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Literary Analysis
The Literary Analysis course is designed for the students to learn to analyse fictional text, learn to write analytically, gain kvowledge about different methodologies and theories employed in literary scholarship and analysis.
A selection of texts in Faroese and other Nordic languages will be read in the three main genres: poetry, prose and drama. The texts will be discussed and analyzed with regard to plot, structure, imagery, prosody, style, etc. in order to demonstrate the significance of the various structural elements for overall interpretation of the theme and unity of a work. Students shall submit several written assignments, which will be reviewed with regard to analytical depth and writing competence. A number of methodologies will be discussed and examples shared to show the theory, procedure and purpose of the analysis, inter alia, new criticism, structuralism, critique of ideology, history of ideas, psychological and deconstructive. In this way, the course shall provide insight into how differing methodologies represent differing understanding of literature as an aesthetic, ideological and communicative phenomenon. As part of the course, students shall write a 14-day assignment or two one-week assignments over two (or three) terms on methodology. The instructor shall define the issue to be addressed and the time limit. Examination The student will demonstrate the ability to • thoroughly analyze a fictional text • point out the features of style and form and their interplay with the theme and unity of a text •use analytical concepts •describe literary methodologies
Learning and teaching approaches
2 lectures per week over the course of 3 terms or 3 lectures per week over the course of 2 term.
Assessment method
The student can 1.take a 6-hour written exam on a text unknown to the student. The student may not bring anything to the exam; the necessary texts will be supplied, or 2.write a paper on a specific topic. External examiners.