1142.98 - Body of work

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Body of work
To give the student the opportunity to explore in depth a limited topic and to get a comprehensive understanding of the body of work.
The teaching is meant to train the student to analyse and obtain an overall understanding of a body of work, follow the process of development in a life work, develop the ability to interpret both the individual work and the body of work as a unity in connection with cultural and literature currents of the period and point out the social and psychological correlation, and to inform the student about various interpretations of a body of work and their theoretical foundation. A suitable selection of a body of work will be read. The body of work may be poetry, fiction, memoirs, etc. The read texts have to represent the different levels of the body of work, including both recognized and less recognized works. Diaries, letters and manuscripts may be included. Other bodies of work that aesthetically or culturally describe the body of work may be included. The aim is to get a comprehensive understanding of the body of work, so that the whole throws light on the individual texts, on the most important themes, on the problems and developments in the body of work. For the examination the student is required to explain the themes in a body of work and its development, to analyse the works of the examination requirements and explain their position in the body of work, and explain how the body of work has been interpreted in scholarly literature or relate it to other scholarly work. The student submits for the exam: 300 p. of fictional texts 100 p. of text about the body of work
Learning and teaching approaches
2 lessons a week over 1 term.
Assessment method
Oral exam with half an hour preparation time. The student may bring the submitted texts and notes with him/her when preparing.