1221.04 - Theories of scholarship

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Theories of scholarship
The purpose is for the student to gain knowledge about the historical development in the conditions between scholarship, philosophy and society, learn to think critically about theorising, learn to use theory critically, learn to think critically about theorising, and learn to use theory critically.
The course covers an introduction to humanistic disciplinary theoretical research questions. Special emphasis is placed on the study of theoretical research questions that are important to scholarly debate about history, contents, methodologies and development of Faroese as a subject of research and teaching. For the examination the student is required to describe the theoretical texts of the examination requirements in their historical context, analyse questions concerning Faroese as an academic subject matter and the theoretical background of such questions. The student submits for the exam 350 pages. Approximately 200 of the pages should be about general research theory and its history and approximately 150 pages should be scholarly and professional historic texts concerning Faroese as a subject matter of academic research and teaching.
Learning and teaching approaches
There will be two lectures per week over the course of two terms.
Assessment method
6-hours written examination with internal examiners.
Hans Andrias Sølvará