1542.06 - Folk Literature I

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Folk Literature I
To give the students a general overview of the poetic devices an compositional characteristics of varios ballad forms in the Faroe Islands and Scandinavia with a special emphasis on the Faroese heroic ballad.
The course focusing on Faroese Ballads will give a general overriew of the poetic devices and compositional characteristics of various ballad forms inthe Faroe Islands and Scandinavia.There will be a special emphasis on the Faroese heroic ballad though lectures will revolve around questions and research concerning the development og the ballad tradition, performative contexts, and the cultural effects of the ballads being textualized from the latter part of the eighteenth century and on.
Learning and teaching approaches
There will be two lectures per week over the course og two term.
Assessment method
The student may choose to take 6-hours written examination or write on a subject chosen by the candidate. Externat examiners.
Eyðun Andreassen