1862.08 - Dialectology

Course number
This course will address the question of Faroese language variation.
We will start with a general description of language variation, its forms and conditions. The course textbook will be Chambers & Trudgill: Dialectology (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics). Subsequently, we will examine Faroese dialects, based on selected variables, primarily from a contemporary perspective, but also retrospectively in order to include the language history background. We will consider all aspects of the linguistic system, but focus mainly on phonology and morphology, while also touching upon sentence structure and the difference between vocabulary and usage. We will examine older descriptions of Faroese to find out what they convey about Faroese dialects and we will consider attempts made to classify them. From a contemporary perspective, we will consider dialect use or dialect variation in the public sphere, such as the media and schools, spoken language versus written language, etc. The question about whether a form of standard Faroese exists or is emerging will be discussed. Teaching and learning approaches: We will work with texts and recordings, but there will also be scope for student presentations, for example based on personal observations. In the spring term we will focus on written records of ballads and their style.
Learning and teaching approaches
3 hours a week for two semesters.
Assessment method
8-hour written exam with external marking.
Eivind Weyhe