1864.08 - Place Names and their function

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Place Names and their function
The course aims to introduce students to place names and their function in the related theoretical framework.
Why do houses, rocks and land have names? Based on recent and older material, the course will elucidate the need we feel to name phenomena in our surroundings. We will examine place names and their function in the past and present. The course will emphasize Faroese place name resources and research, but will also provide an introduction to literature about names and research results from our neighbouring countries. Reading list Literature: Vibeke Christensen (Dalberg) and John Kousgård Sørensen: Stednavneforskning 1-2. Copenhagen 1972-79. In addition, course materials comprise articles discussing different aspects of place name research and place names.
Learning and teaching approaches
3 hours a week in the first semester. The course will be organized into lectures and student presentations.
Assessment method
6-hour written exam with external marking.
Kristin Marjun Magnussen