1015.08 - Language Usage

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Language Usage
The objective of the course is the enable the student • to analyze language usage and formulation in selected fields • to gain a theoretical understanding of language usage and style • to appreciate language and to use language for various purposes
A selection of oral and written non-fiction texts will be analyzed from a variety of scholarly perspectives, including style, rhetoric, socio-linguistics, or discursiveness. The texts could be examples of the language found in, e.g. political, sports, scientific, news media, or training materials. Texts representing other selected areas such as the language of children and youth could also be reviewed. Theories on style and usage shall be studied in connection with the analysis of linguistic examples to facilitate, on the one hand, an understanding of language diversity, and on the other to gain insight into the preservation of language integrity and the evaluation of what constitutes excellent and poor language. Students shall be provided opportunities to evaluate and create language for a variety of purposes. Examination The student shall adequately • discuss the theories explored during the course • analyze a text with regard to its language usage and style • analyze a text in relation to theory Reading List Approximately 200 pages discussing the theory of language usage and a suitable selection of sample texts.
Learning and teaching approaches
Instruction takes place two hours per week over two terms or the equivalent.
Assessment method
The student may elect either 1. a written 6-hour examination, or 2. an oral examination with a 30-minute preparation time. Both exams are with internal examiners.