1223.10 - Research Theory II

Course number
Research Theory II
During the course and based on the foundation gained in Research Theory I, the student shall • gain a deeper knowledge of the theoretical and academic questions that are of significance in the scholarly analysis of language and literature. • gain a deeper knowledge of the historical research conducted on the Faroese language and its literature. • learn to apply scholarly criticism
The course explores the status of current scholarly research and the complex issues and problems involved in the critical analysis of language and literature and in research in general. Moreover, the course places the historical research in the Faroese language and its literature within a scholarly context. Examination For the examination, the student is required to • describe the theoretical issues and questions regarding research in language and literature; • describe historical research trends and questions in a theoretical context. Reading List The student shall be responsible for ca. 150 pages of research theory and its history.
Learning and teaching approaches
Instruction takes place two hours per week over one term or the equivalent.
Assessment method
4-hour, written examination with internal examiners.
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