1304.12 - Faroese Dialectology (BA)

Course number
Faroese Dialectology (BA)
Students must have completed the required core courses on the Bachelor Degree Programme in Faroese.
To address Faroese language variation and increase students’ awareness of this variation.
The course will begin with a general description of language variation, its forms and conditions. The course textbook will be Chambers & Trudgill: Dialectology (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics). Subsequently, we will examine Faroese dialects, based on selected variables, primarily from a contemporary perspective, but also retrospectively in order to include the language history background. The course will cover all aspects of the linguistic system, but focus on phonology and morphology, while also touching upon syntax and the difference between vocabulary and usage. Articles and excerpts from works discussing differences between Faroese local dialects will be read (please refer to the provisional bibliography). The course will examine older descriptions of Faroese to find out what they convey about Faroese dialects, as well as look at attempts made to classify these dialects. From a contemporary perspective, the course will consider dialect use or dialect variation in the public sphere such as media and schools, spoken language versus written language, etc. The question about whether a form of standard Faroese exists or is emerging will be discussed. The course will cover work on written text and possibly recordings, and there will also be scope for student presentations, which could be based on personal observations.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, examining texts, student presentations and class-based discussion.
Learning outcomes
Students who have completed this course in Faroese Dialectology will have acquired a solid foundation in general dialectology and Faroese dialectology in particular, as well as in the theories and methods used to study language variation. Based on this knowledge, successful students can demonstrate the ability to: • account for different types of language variation • work with language variation in theory and practice • provide a general overview of Faroese language variation • discuss questions regarding language variation on a sound academic basis • communicate knowledge about language variation
Assessment method
Six-hour written examination with external marking.
Marking scale
Provisional reading list: Chambers & Trudgill: Dialectology. Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics. Björn Hagström: Ändelsesvokalerna i färöiskan. Stockholm 1967. V. U. Hammershaimb: Færøsk anthologi. Copenhagen 1891. Anfinnur Johansen et al: Eivindaródn. Fróðskapur 2012. Eivind Weyhe: Málføri í Føroyum (manuscript). Eivind Weyhe: Í miðjum grasgarði. Føroya Fróðskaparfelag 2003. Eivind Weyhe: Kvæðasavnið hjá Jóannesi í Króki frá 1891. Fróðskapur 2011.
Eivind Weyhe