1886.11 - Language acquisition in disabled children

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Language acquisition in disabled children
The course aims to give students an insight into the situation of children who are unable to develop ordinary spoken language and therefore have to develop other language for communication. We will discuss theories on this issue and gauge what possibilities there are to help these children acquire language, which effectively serves the purpose of communication.
Everyone needs to communicate, however, some people are born with disabilities, which mean that they do not acquire language the way most children do. What is the significance of children not acquiring language and therefore being unable to communicate? What alternative methods of communication are there, and what should we focus on when children need language other than spoken language? The course will look at the situation of those who, for different reasons, never acquire spoken language and what kind of help is available to these children.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course is organized into lectures and student presentations based on both the literature in the field as well as practical tests and studies.
Assessment method
Open take-home assignment.
Zakaris Svabo Hansen