1017.11 - Old Norse II

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Old Norse II
The purpose of the course is to expand and deepen the student’s ability to read the Old Norse language and to gain a fuller understanding of Old Norse grammar.
Old Norse I shall be completed prior to sitting for the examination in Old Norse II. Examination For the examination, the student is required to: -translate an unknown Old Norse text -demonstrate a firm knowledge of the Old Norse language system: phonology, morphology and syntax, as it appears in normalized medieval texts. -place the examination texts in their literary, cultural, and social-historical context and demonstrate knowledge of their preservation. Reading List -Old Norse grammar (e.g., Ragnvald Iversen: Norrøn grammatikk, 7. ed., 1973, or Eskil Hansen, Else Mundal, Kåre Skadberg: Norrøn grammatikk, 1975, or Odd Einar Haugen: Grunnbok i norrønt språk, 2001). -100 pages of prose divided between various types of texts and styles. -One scholarly work compiled from papers and articles that are relevant to the selected texts.
Learning and teaching approaches
Instruction takes place two hours per week over one term.
Assessment method
6-hour, written examination with external examiners.
Anfinnur Johansen