1022.11 - Grammar I

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Grammar I
The purpose of the course is to give students an overall theoretical and practical knowledge of Faroese grammar and philology in general.
Grammar I must be completed before sitting for the examination in Grammar II. Grammar is a core discipline in philological study and relates to the structure of language, both in general and in a specific language. Here, the main focus will be on Faroese grammar, but at the same time Faroese will be compared with other closely related languages, and general philological ideas and concepts will be applied in our analyses. Grammar I will especially focus on phonetics, which is an indispensable tool in the study of language. The student will learn phonetic symbols (notation) and the fundamentals of phonetics. The student shall regularly submit project assignments, some of which will focus on the Faroese phonetic system. Moreover, Grammar I will also provide a broad and general introduction to the main structural elements of language, including customary pronunciation. Each of these elements will be studied individually, but also an attempt to compare and contrast each element will be made. The elements or themes are: phonology, morphology (including morphemes, word formation and accidence) and syntax. The content and meaning (semantics) of language and contextual language usage (pragmatics) will be explored. The course will emphasize the relevant issues and aspects of philology so that the student is able to competently analyze and discuss these issues. A text on grammar, and possibly a text on phonetics, will be studied to provide a foundation upon which to explore Faroese grammar. At the examination for Grammar I, the student shall demonstrate that s/he is competent in the use and application of phonetic notation. In addition, the examination shall cover the aspects of linguistics discussed in the course. No reading list is required for the examination in Grammar I.
Learning and teaching approaches
Instruction takes place three hours per week during the first and second terms. The examination is held after the second term.
Assessment method
6-hour, written examination with internal examiners.
Hjalmar Páll Petersen