1023.11 - Grammar II

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Grammar II
The purpose of Grammar II is to expand and deepen the student’s theoretical and practical knowledge of Faroese grammar and basic philology acquired in Grammar I.
The Grammar I examination must be taken and passed before being eligible to take the examination in Grammar II. The course will focus on the phonology, morphology (inflection) and syntax of Faroese and the linkages between these three aspects of a language. The course will also serve as an introduction to dialectical grammar and students will be introduced to linguistic variation (dialects, sociolects, spoken and written language). A Faroese grammar text will be studied, as well as other articles and papers on the Faroese language. Texts and perhaps various sound recordings representing different dialectical grammar structures will be reviewed. Examination At the examination for Grammar II, the student shall demonstrate that s/he: • has a good grasp of Faroese grammar (phonetics, morphology and syntax) • has a basic knowledge of semantic concepts and issues. The student shall be able to describe a text grammatically, i.e. analyze a text or text extract. The analysis shall be based on the concepts used in general linguistics. • is able to describe the predominant features of Faroese dialects and to point out the most important isoglosses. Other linguistic variations such as sociolects, written language compared to spoken language, etc., may also be included. Reading List For Grammar II, the student shall submit: • One general grammar text • One Faroese grammar text • A compilation of scholarly articles and papers that treats various aspects of Faroese linguistics. • A relevant selection of texts (25 - 40 pages) representing various orthographies. The texts should represent the main dialects.
Learning and teaching approaches
Instruction takes place two hours per week in terms three and four. The examination in Grammar II is held after term four.
Assessment method
6-hour, written examination with external examiners.
Zakaris Svabo Hansen