1113.11 - Traditional Oral Literature

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Traditional Oral Literature
The objective of the course is to provide the student with an insight into the oral ballad tradition, in both its poetic and prose forms.
Instruction in the main will cover the ballads, sagas, and folk tales, as well as other oral traditions. There will be a special focus on the evolution of the oral ballad tradition and the historical and international context that enabled the development of these ballads as they are. Instruction will focus on style, composition, structure, appreciation of content, narrative technique and milieu. Examination The examination is based on the texts read during the course. At the examination, the student shall • discuss the characteristics of oral literature, including the circumstances regarding communication • demonstrate an understanding of possible interpretations and a familiarity with the texts • analyze oral literature in its historical context Reading List No reading list is required to be submitted for the examination.
Learning and teaching approaches
Instruction takes place two hours per week over two terms.
Assessment method
6-hour written examination
Eyðun Andreasen