1132.11 - Literary Analysis

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Literary Analysis
The objective of the course is to enable the student to • analyze fictional texts • discuss the context and process of his or her own literary analysis • write a literary analysis of a fictional text.
A selection of texts in Faroese and other Nordic languages will be read in the three main genres: poetry, prose and drama. Non-fiction texts may also be included. The texts will be discussed and analyzed with regard to plot, structure, imagery, prosody, style, etc. in order to demonstrate the significance of the various structural elements for overall interpretation of the theme and unity of a work. The instruction is designed to enhance the ability of the student to discuss the elements of his or her own literary criticism efforts. This will be accomplished by focusing on the content of the text, the type of text and the various methods used in literary criticism. As part of the course, students shall write two, 14-day assignments or one, 14-day assignment and two, one-week assignments on topics selected by the instructor in order to practice the writing of a literary analysis of fictional texts. Examination The student will demonstrate the ability to • thoroughly analyze a fictional text • point out the features of style and form and their interplay with the theme and unity of a text • define and use analytical concepts • describe the literary methodologies used in his or her own literary analysis. Reading List No reading list is required to be submitted.
Learning and teaching approaches
Instruction takes place two hours per week over two terms.
Assessment method
6-hour, written exam on a text unknown to the student; the necessary texts will be supplied. The student may not bring anything to the exam. Internal examiners.
Turið Sigurðardóttir