1133.11 - Literary Methods and Theories

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Literary Methods and Theories
The objective of the course is to assist the student • to gain a knowledge of literary methodology and theory, and the ability to discuss the elements, methods and aims of different theories. • to discuss and analyze literary methodology and theory in selected literary treatises.
A selection of texts on literary theory and methods will be analyzed from a variety of scholarly perspectives to explore the different theoretical perspectives, practices and aims advanced by each respective work. The reading may include texts regarding, e.g., new criticism, structuralism, criticism of ideology, the history of ideas, psychological approaches, reception theory, and post-colonial studies. In this regard, the student will explore the differing analytical methodologies and theories advanced in these disciplines and how they deal with and conceive of literature aesthetically, ideologically, and as a means of communication. In addition, various literary treatises and articles will be studied to determine their respective theoretical approach and method of analysis. In connection with the course, students shall write a 14-day assignment or two, one-week assignments on a topic determined by the instructor. Examination The student shall adequately • discuss the literary history theories explored during the course and place them in their cultural and historical context, • analyze the literary history theory presented in a selected literary history treatise. Reading List The student shall submit a reading list of ca. 200 pages comprised of literary history theory and literary history treatises.
Learning and teaching approaches
Instruction takes place two hours per week over one term.
Assessment method
The student shall write a paper on an assigned topic. External examiners.
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