1211.11 - Communications

Course number
The course deals with the characteristics of the mass media. The objective of the course is to enable the student • to gain an understanding of the nature of communications and the media (theory, analysis, and history) • to analyze, interpret, and critically review texts and dialogues in their communications context.
The media will be described and analyzed in connection with their rise, development and significance in an industrial and information-based community. Examination For the examination, the student is required to • discuss central, problematic issues of communication and mass media • analyze texts from the reading list and discuss their communication context • discuss the important theories on communication and mass media. Reading List For the examination, the student shall be responsible for: • 3 scholarly works on theories or methodologies for communication analysis. • 2 works and 15 texts that represent different types of communication and mass media; these may include oral and written texts, as well as visual material, mass media texts and private communications.
Learning and teaching approaches
Instruction takes place two hours per week over two terms.
Assessment method
The student shall write a paper on an assigned topic. External examiners.
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