1305.13 - Bilingualism (BA)

Course number
Bilingualism (BA)
Students must have completed the required core courses on the Bachelor Degree Programme in Faroese.
To provide students with insight into bilingualism and the ability to work with bilingualism. Students are expected to learn to understand academic texts on the subject and acquire the competences needed to work with data on bilingualism.
The course will focus on bilingualism in general and bilingualism in the Faroes. Students will be required to read about bilingualism in society and individual bilingualism.
Learning and teaching approaches
Duration: three hours a week over one semester. The teaching and learning approaches: lectures and student presentations; work with recordings and group work. Set questions about the course readings will be discussed in class.
Learning outcomes
Successful students can demonstrate the ability to: • describe the situation of bilingualism in the Faroes • mostly use academic terminology relevant to the field • work with language data at a basic level • discuss bilingualism using appropriate language • work independently and comply with deadlines • find material on the subject
Assessment method
A set take-home assignment to be completed in three weeks (7 to 15 pages) on a recording in Faroese-Danish. The lecturer will hand out the recording. Students who need to retake the examination will be required to attend a 30-minute oral examination with 30 minutes of preparation time.
Marking scale
Books – Selected excerpts from: Myers-Scotton, C. 2006. Multiple Voices. An Introduction to Bilingualism. Blackwell. Oxford. Petersen, H. P. 2010. The Dynamics of Faroese-Danish Language Contact. Winter. Heidelberg. Students are required to bring these books to the first session. In addition, the reading list will include articles. A total of 500 pages.
Hjalmar Páll Petersen