1310.14 - Language Usage (BA)

Course number
Language Usage (BA)
Students must have completed the required core courses on the Bachelor Degree Programme in Faroese or have equivalent qualifications.
To provide students with insight into and the skills to evaluate, analyse and describe language usage and register at different levels and in different fields.
A selection of field-specific oral and written text will be analysed using different academic approaches. These approaches may include stylistics, rhetoric, sociolinguistics and discourse analysis. The course will examine examples of political jargon, sports jargon, scientific jargon, media jargon, school textbooks, etc.
Learning and teaching approaches
Duration: Three hours a week for one semester. Teaching: Lectures and student presentations.
Learning outcomes
Successful students can demonstrate: • basic theoretical knowledge about language usage and how it is analysed • basic skills in using tools to analyse language usage and stylistics • knowledge about and training in assessing and adapting language to different uses according to the receiver and context • ability to relate analysed texts to the theory covered • understanding of language diversity • insight into the foundations underpinning language norms
Assessment method
Six-hour written examination. The following study aids are allowed in the examination room: Faroese dictionaries, material from the reading list and other material used on the course.
Marking scale
Wenche Vagle, Margareth Sandvik and Jan Svennevig. 2004. Tekst og kontekst. En innføring i tekstlingvistikk og pragmatikk. J. W. Cappelens forlag. In addition to academic papers and examples of language usage. The required reading amounts to 500 pages of language usage theory along with a suitable volume of sample text.
Zakaris Svabo Hansen