1221.13 - Theory of Science

Course number
Theory of Science
An academically oriented upper secondary diploma with at least 8 in Faroese on the marking scale from 00 to 13.
: To enable students to acquire a foundation in theory of science, in particular the aspects most relevant to the humanities and social sciences. The course aims to provide students with insight into the historical development of the relations between science, philosophy and society, as well as knowledge of the main contents of schools of scientific thought, which are relevant to academic debates about the humanities and social sciences. The course focuses on familiarising students with the main contents, theories and paths of development in the humanities and social sciences, as well as acquiring a basic understanding of how related academic disciplines work. Students should learn to think critically about theory.
Basic knowledge of general theories of science, in particular aspects relevant to the humanities and social sciences. Different theories of science will be discussed, as well as the history of the humanities and social sciences. The aim is for students to acquire the ability to assess schools of scientific thought and how different approaches to science affect research in these disciplines.
Learning and teaching approaches
The duration of the course is 30 hours. The learning and teaching strategy is class-based with lectures, exercises, presentations and discussions. The course reading materials include key texts and selected original texts, which together will provide an introduction to issues in theory of science.
Learning outcomes
Successful students can demonstrate ability to: • express the main contents of relevant schools of scientific thought • describe the similarities and differences between different schools of scientific thought • formulate critical questions regarding schools of scientific thought • demonstrate how different schools of scientific thought can provide inspiration in certain disciplines • analyse schools of scientific thought with regards to their philosophical foundations • place theory of science in the context of the humanities and social sciences
Assessment method
5-hour written examination. All study aids are permitted.
Marking scale
A course reading list will be circulated at the beginning of the course. Approx. 800 pages will be read on the course. A suggested reading list is available online www.setur.fo/til-studentar/foeroyamalsdeildin
Jógvan Dalbø Hansen