1317.14 - Contemporary Nordic Literature (BA)

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Contemporary Nordic Literature (BA)
Students must have completed the required core component of the BA in Faroese. This course can also be taken as an individual course with other prerequisites (please refer to the academic).
To provide students with insight into post-millennium trends in Nordic literature, as well as equip them with the skills to carry out theory-based analyses and interpretations of this literature.
This course focuses on recent Nordic literature (i.e. post-millennium) in both prose and poetry. The course particularly examines how recent literature is in dialogue with and uses older literary tradition, meaning text and events from the past, while tackling contemporary issues. In this context postmodern recycling will be discussed and students will be required to read theory on the topic.
Learning and teaching approaches
The approaches used are lectures, student presentations and class-based discussions.
Learning outcomes
Successful students can demonstrate ability to: • Explain the trends in post-millennium Nordic literature • Analyse recent Nordic literature using relevant theories • Assess trends in post-millennium Nordic literature based on cursory reading and examining literary works
Assessment method
Take-home assignment (three weeks) on a set topic.
Works: Sjón: Skugga-Baldur (2004) Carl Jóhan Jensen: Ó- søgur um djevulskap (2007) Gerður Kristný: Blóðhófnir (2010) Eva-Marie Liffner: Lacrimosa (2011) Rosa Liksom: Hytté Vol. 6 (2011) Short stories by: Naja Marie Aidt, Merethe Lindström, Hanus Kamban and Gyrðir Elíasson Copies of the theory material will be circulated at the beginning of the course
Bergur D. Hansen