1328.16 - Steinbjørn B. Jacobsen’s body of work

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Steinbjørn B. Jacobsen’s body of work
Students are required to have completed the core mandatory component of the BA degree in Faroese. Students may also enrol on this course as an individual course (please refer to the degree programme).
To provide students with knowledge about the body of works by Steinbjørn B. Jacobsen (1937-2012) and its place in Faroese literary history. As well as to enable students to acquire insight into general questions about the concept of authorship discussed in literary theory and history.
A representative selection of texts from the body of work by Steinbjørn B. Jacobsen will be read and examined. General topics in literary theory and history will be presented and discussed in relation to the selected body of works.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures and student presentations on the material in the course bibliography. Discussions of selected topics relating to theory, history of literature and works by Steinbjørn B. Jacobsen. Written and oral exercises.
Learning outcomes
Successful students can demonstrate: Knowledge about and insight into theories on authorship as a concept. Knowledge about the general and specific characteristics of Steinbjørn B. Jacobsen’s authorship. In-depth comprehension of selected texts by Steinbjørn B. Jacobsen and the ability to place them in the context of his authorship and of literary history. Knowledge about concepts and issues in research on the concept of authorship.
Assessment method
Open take-home assignment.
Theory works, selected bibliography: Asdal, Kristin et al 2008. Tekst og historie. Å lese tekster historisk. Universitetsforlaget. Oslo. Kittang, Atle. 1990. “Forfattarskap som studieobjekt. Nokkre ettertanker.” Historie tolkning tekst, tekst, tolkning historie. Odense Universitetsforlag.: 27-40. Literary works: Selected poems from: Steinbjørn B. Jacobsen: Tinna og tám. Novels: Hall and Kasta. Short stories: Á veg millum bygda Children’s books: such as Ryssubøkurnar, Grái steinur, Lítli Páll í Nólsoy Play: Skipið Non-fiction works: Excerpts from Grund 1, 2.
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