1337.17 - Language Acquistion L1/L2 (BA)

Course number
Language Acquistion L1/L2 (BA)
The student need to have passed the first part of the BA in Faroese, or other equivalent studies. It is also possible to take the course as an individual course with other prerequisites (as described in the student guide)
To give the student insight in language acquisition, both first- (L1) and second (L2) language acquisition. The students will get insight into relevant theories, and factors affecting language acquistion.
In this course, the student will get insight in theories about first- and second language acquisition. The course provides insight in both adults’ and childrens’ language acquisition, communication, lexicon, pronunciation, social factors, and how to evaluate language competence. We will also look at what factors affect language acquisition and its’ significance regarding the learners’ development. The course will focus on situations relevant to Faroese and the Faroe Islands, but we will also look at how other nordic countries conduct research and teaching in regards to language acquisition.
Learning and teaching approaches
3 hour lessons per week for one semester. The lessons will consist of lectures, discussions and student presentations.
Learning outcomes
The student, after completing the course, will have gained knowledge of language acquisition and will be able to: - Understand and use terminology regarding language acquisition. - Explain the significance of knowing a language. - Have insight in relevant situations regarding language acquisition. - Knowlegde concerning assessment methods regarding first- and second language skills. - Explain and assess factors that affect first- and second language acquisition. - Basic knowledge about language acquisition in a Faroese context.
Assessment method
Open home exam/home assignment
The bibliography will be announced at the beginning of the course.
Jógvan í Lon Jacobsen