1341.17 - The literary text: Four parameters (BA)

Course number
The literary text: Four parameters (BA)
Passed first part of bachelor exam in Faroese or similar subject. It is also possible to complete the course as a separate course (see valid curriculum).
The goal is to provide the student with a firm grip of the concept of genre and enable him or her to be able to distinguish literature from a non-literature and separate the two text types with the help of four underlying text determining parameters.
During the course, it will be shown what characterizes a literary texts (in contradistinction to a non-literary) texts. With the use of Paul Grice’s concept of conversational implicature it wil be demonstrated that every literary text could be described in depth by four and only four text parameters: figurativity, tropicity, fictonality and degree of realism. It will be an underlying premise that the distinction between non-literary and literary texts builds upon pragmatic preconditions of not just textual but also non-textual character to be found in painting, architecture, theatre and film. Different textual material will be introduced for illustration and analysis.
Learning and teaching approaches
Six lectures in Danish comprising theory introduction and presentation of text material for analysis.
Learning outcomes
A successful accomplishment of the lesson plan will equip the student with sufficient skills • To analyse literary texts using the four parameters: figurativity, tropicity, fictionality and degree of realism • To explain the concepts behind these parameters and their contribution to a comprehensive concept of literature.
Assessment method
Attendance at least 80% and a paper comprising 5-7 pages. Attendance less than 80% and re-examination: a take-home assignment of 9-10 pages.
Widell, Peter (2016) Metaforteori. (70 s.) [draft] Widell, Peter (2014) 'The Literary Text: Four Parameters.' In Reflections upon Genre: Encounters between Literature, Knowledge, and Emerging Communicative Conventions. Tübingen: Narr. Francke Attempto Verlag GmbH:177-228. (51 s.) Widell, Peter (2012) 'Hvad er tekstfiktion.' i Eyđun Andreassen, Malan Johannesen, Anfinnur Johansen & Turiđ Sigurđardóttir (red.) Malunarmót: Heiđursrit til Maluna Marnersdóttur. Tórshavn: Fróđskapur:479-510. (31 s.) Widell, Peter (2002) 'Filosofisk realisme og litterær realisme.' In Stefan Ivesen, Heidi Jørgensen og Henrik Skov Nielsen (red.) Om som om: Realisme i teori og nyere kunst. København: Akademisk Forlag: 94-133. (39 s.) Grice, Herbert Paul (1989 (1975):22-40) ’Logic and Conversation’ In Herbert Paul Grice The Way of Words. Cambridge, MA: Havard University Press. (18 s.) Text material will be presented for analysis.
Malan Marnersdóttir