1342.17 - William Heinesen – Poems in Context (BA)

Course number
William Heinesen – Poems in Context (BA)
First part of Bachelor exam in Faroese or similar subject. It is also possible to complete the course as a separate course (see valid curriculum).
It is the aim of the course to describe and discuss how William Heinesen’s poetic method changes throughout the work with or against the changing 20 century tendencies. The course investigates the intertextuality with literature in Faroese, other literatures and pictorial arts. Also contemporary theory about poetry will be part of the discussions.
The students read poems from Heinesen’s seven volumes of poetry and scholarly articles about the work. They will also read and discuss theory about texts and intertextuality as described in the introduction to the theme in Om litteratur. Metoder og perspektiver. 2003: 153-169. Also extracts from Terry Gifford 1999 and others will shed light on Heinesen’s lyric method.
Learning and teaching approaches
3h/week in 8 weeks – March-April 2017.
Learning outcomes
At the end of the course successfully students will know how to • analyse and present the main characteristics of Heinesen’s poetry • explain intertextuality • describe poetic methods in Heinesen’s lyrical work
Assessment method
Take-home assignment, 7-10 pages.
Preliminary: Gifford, Terry The New Critical Idiom Pastoral. 1999. Heinesen, William: Samlede digte. Rolvs forlag. 1984 ella Gyldendal. 2000. Jones, W. Glyn “Trý stig í lýriska skaldskapinum hjá Williami Heinesen”. Varðin bd. 47. 1980. Hefti 3-4: 170-183. Marnersdóttir, Malan: “Intertekstualitet”. Om litteratur. Metoder og perspektiver. Systime. 2003: 153-169. Moberg, Bergur Rønne: Greinarøð í Skáanum/Dimmalætting 25.5., 1., 8., 22. og 29.6.2002.
Malan Marnersdóttir