1010.13 - Linguistics

Course number
An academically oriented upper secondary diploma is required. In addition, applicants are specifically required to have a good mark in Faroese at upper secondary A-level and a pass in upper secondary English at B-level.
To provide students with insight into basic concepts in linguistics. The course trains students to approach language as an academic discipline applying the tools available in the different sub-fields in linguistics, such as phonetics, syntax and semantics.
The course focuses on providing a broad general introduction to the major sub-fields related to language in terms of its structure and contents. These sub-fields are: phonetics, phonology, morphology and syntax. The course also touches on semantics and pragmatics. These sub-fields are examined individually, but are also discussed in light of how they relate to each other.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course is offered as two-hour weekly sessions lasting one semester. The main learning and teaching strategies used are lectures, student presentations, exercises, group work and individual study.
Learning outcomes
Successful students, who have passed the course in linguistics as part of the BA degree programme in Faroese, will have gained a foundation in linguistic methods. Based on this knowledge, successful students can demonstrate ability to: • explain basic linguistic concepts and methods • define and apply relevant analytical concepts • discuss language issues on the basis of linguistics using appropriate concepts
Assessment method
The examination is divided into two components. One is a written 3-hour examination without study aids. On the day of the examination, a set take-home assignment is also announced, which is due for submission at 12 noon three days later. The take-home assignment should be 4-6 pages long. Each examination component accounts for half of the mark. Students are required to pass both components of the examination in order to be awarded an overall pass in the course. Students needing to retake the examination will sit a 5-hour written examination. No study aids are permitted for the reexamination.
Marking scale
A suggested reading list is available online www.setur.fo/til-studentar/foeroyamalsdeildin
Hjalmar Páll Petersen