1134.13 - Literary Analysis I

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Literary Analysis I
An academically oriented upper secondary diploma is required. In addition, applicants are specifically required to have a good mark in Faroese at upper secondary A-level and a pass in upper secondary English at B-level.
To provide students with a foundation in textual analysis, with particular focus on analysing one of the fiction genres. Also, to provide students with knowledge about analytical concepts, in particular as related to one of the fiction genres. The course emphasises developing students’ ability to analyse one of the main fiction genres applying analytical concepts.
Students will be required to read introductory literature on textual analysis, focusing in particular on one of the fiction genres. Students will also examine and analyse a series of varied examples, mostly from one particular fiction genre.
Learning and teaching approaches
This class-based course is offered as two-hour weekly sessions over one semester. The main learning and teaching strategies used will be lectures and student presentations, written exercises and group work.
Learning outcomes
Successful students can demonstrate ability to: • analyse fiction texts from a major genre • explain the characteristics of a major genre • describe their own approach to textual analysis in a major genre • communicate the results of analysis in a major genre • express orally and in writing using appropriate language the results of analyses from a major genre
Assessment method
4-hour written examination based on an unseen text. Permitted study aids: all dictionaries.
Marking scale
A suggested reading list is available online www.setur.fo/til-studentar/foeroyamalsdeildin
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