1347.17 - Literary Criticism and Review (BA)

Course number
Literary Criticism and Review (BA)
The student must have completed the first part of a BA in Faroese or comparable. It is also possible to take the module as an individual module on the basis of other prerequisites (please refer to the currently applicable educational system)
The students will acquire insight into theories on literary criticism and review as a text genre. They will develop in analysing how literature is described, analysed, and evaluated in the context of media.
Relevant topics and challenges in the field of literary criticism and review will be brought up for consideration and discussion. The module also encompasses historical and aesthetical theories and criteria for evaluating literature, as they appear in media. A suitable selection of reviews will be read. The module contains a practical part, where the students will write reviews of new fictional literature with a possibility of publishing in newspapers, periodicals, or other media in mind.
Learning and teaching approaches
Teacher and student presentations, work in small groups, and writing exercises
Learning outcomes
Upon module completion the students will be able to • Explain theories on literary criticism and review as a text genre • Analyse literary critical texts by reference to relevant theories • Describe and discuss criteria for evaluating literature in Faroese media
Assessment method
Set subject homework assignment
Textbook: Norsk litteraturkritikks historie 1870-2010. Sissel Furuseth et al. Ed. Universitetsforlaget. 2016. A selection of reviews, articles, and other text on literary criticism, reviewer roles, and reviews as a text genre, as well as a selection of fictional literature will be read. A list of reading materials will be distributed at the start of the module.
Paula Gaard