1372.20 - Lexicography (BA)

Course number
Lexicography (BA)
Students must have completed the required core component of the BA in Faroese or equivalent. This course can also be taken as an individual course with other prerequisites (please refer to the current academic programme).
Lexicography is the study of dictionaries in the broadest sense. The purpose of the course is the provide students with a foundation in the theory and practice of the branch of linguistics known as lexicography, meaning how dictionaries are structured and what characterises them as a genre. Students will learn how dictionaries are produced, how authors of dictionaries work with mono and bilingual dictionaries, about the general editorial principles underpinning dictionary production, about structure, vocabulary, definitions, translations between languages, sources, target audiences, etc. Students will also learn about the difference between lexicography and terminology.
The contents are both theoretical and practical. Mono, bi and multilingual dictionaries will be discussed. The discussion of monolingual dictionaries will focus on micro and macro structure, vocabulary, definitions, source material, examples of usage, etc. Regarding bilingual dictionaries, translations between languages will also be discussed. The terminological component will examine terminology and the distinction between lexicography and terminology. The course will focus on Faroese dictionaries and glossaries emphasising contemporary dictionaries and glossaries. However, the course will also touch on older dictionaries and glossaries. Based on the theory acquired, dictionaries will be examined and assessed.
Learning and teaching approaches
Mostly lectures, but also student presentations.
Learning outcomes
Successful students can demonstrate ability to: • Describe lexicography and explain what characterises lexicography and terminology as academic disciplines, both in theory and practice. • Assess what characterises good dictionaries, both mono and bilingual, as well as good glossaries. • Explain how dictionaries are created in practice. • Assess translations in bilingual dictionaries. • Analyse the sources material underpinning Faroese dictionaries.
Assessment method
Six-hour written examination, all study aids are permitted.
Marking scale
A reading list will be circulated at the start of the course.
Jógvan í Lon Jacobsen