1126.18 - Literary History II

Course number
Literary History II
An academically oriented upper secondary diploma with a good average mark in Faroese (i.e. at least 5.8 on the 7-step marking scale or 8 on the marking scale from 00 to 13). Participants are also required to have completed Literary History 1.
To provide students with insight into Faroese and Nordic history of literature from 1876 to the present, as well as to analyse Faroese and Nordic literature from 1876 to the present day. The course aims to enable students to place these texts in the context of the history of ideas and literary history.
The course focuses on Faroese and Nordic literature from 1876 to the present with particular emphasis on fiction. Course reading materials also include history of literature works, theses and articles on Nordic and Faroese literature. Articles on the status of literature in society are also a part of the course. The course of study may be organised by chronology, periods or milestones in history; it may focus on art history, ideology, social history or political and economic conditions. The course could also be arranged by themes and genres.
Learning and teaching approaches
This class-based course is offered as three-hour weekly sessions over one semester. The main learning and teaching strategies used are lectures and student presentations. Students will learn to use the relevant terminology and express themselves clearly on topics in history of literature.
Learning outcomes
Successful students can demonstrate ability to: • explain Faroese and Nordic literature in the period from around 1876 to the present day • describe the main events and trends in literary history during the period • analyse literary texts and place them in their historical context • describe the connection between a given text and the Faroese, Nordic and international perspective • describe literature as a historical phenomenon • describe and assess literary history as a science and academic discipline
Assessment method
Students are required to write a set take-home paper, which should be approx. 10 pages long. Students will have two weeks to complete the assignment. Reexamination: Same method as the regular examination.
From the entire list of course reading materials, students individually or in groups (maximum three per group) draw up a reading list, which constitutes the examination material. The list must include 3 works of fiction (one of these must be in a language other than Faroese) and 10 short texts; of these short texts, 2 must be non-fiction texts, and texts in Nordic languages other than Faroese must be represented. The works of fiction and short texts listed must ensure a suitable spread in terms of period and genre. In addition, the list will include approximately 400 pages from works on history of literature, which will provide both an overview and in-depth discussion of Faroese and other Nordic literature in the period studied, as well as discussions on history of literature as a genre.
Bergur Djurhuus Hansen