1232.15 - Syntax and Semantics

Course number
Syntax and Semantics
An academically oriented upper secondary diploma with a good average mark in Faroese (i.e. at least 5.8 on the 7-step marking scale or 8 on the marking scale from 00 to 13).
To provide students with a foundation in syntax and semantics as academic disciplines in the field of linguistics. To provide students with insight into the syntactic structure of Faroese sentences and how different types of sentences work together as a whole, as well as to facilitate the development of students’ ability to analyse sentences syntactically. To help students learn to analyse language based on semantic concepts and to see the links with related disciplines such as pragmatics.
This course mainly focuses on general concepts in syntax and Faroese syntax, as well as on broadening and deepening students’ theoretical and practical knowledge about Faroese syntax. In relation to semantics the emphasis will be on relevant concepts and methods used to assess and describe language through the lens of semantics. Students will receive regular exercise in analysing Faroese syntactically and semantically.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course is structured as three-hour weekly sessions lasting one semester. The main learning and teaching strategies used are lectures, student presentations, exercises, group work and independent study.
Learning outcomes
Successful students, who have passed the course in syntax and semantics as part of the BA degree programme in Faroese, will have acquired knowledge about syntax and semantics in general and with special focus on Faroese. Based on this knowledge, successful students can demonstrate ability to: • use the terminology specific to syntax and semantics • analyse Faroese sentences from written text and speech • explain the different types of sentences and their function in the period • explain syntactic hierarchy • explain semantic functions in the context of syntax • analyse Faroese semantically • describe Faroese from the angle of semantics.
Assessment method
5-hour written examination. All study aids are permitted at the examination, including dictionaries.
Marking scale
Höskuldur Thráinsson et al. 2012: Faroese. An overview and reference grammar. Fróðskapur: 223-338. Other materials and articles uploaded to Moodle (study platform). Chapters on syntax, semantics and pragmatics in introduction to linguistics (in the handout). The materials will be distributed.
Zakaris Svabo Hansen