1397.23 - Modernism in Faroese Literature and Art (BA)

Course number
Modernism in Faroese Literature and Art (BA)
First 90 ECTS of bachelor’s degree in Faroese. Other students with similar prerequisites can apply for individual course participation.
The aim is to provide the students with analytical tools to identify modernist works and understand modernism as a historical phenomenon. Modernism is a term for currents in literature and art in the 20th century that articulate modern life experiences in a new and radical way.
The course analyses significant modernist works (poetry and prose) from J.H.O. Djurhuus to Lív Maria R. Jæger, and visual art from Sámal Joensen-Mikines to Hansina Iversen. Also, texts that treat modernism as a historical phenomenon composed of different currents will be read and discussed.
Learning and teaching approaches
Teachers’ lectures and students’ presentations and discussions about selected works of literature and art, concepts etc. The teaching languages are Faroese and Danish.
Learning outcomes
At the end of the course the students can • describe modernism as an historical phenomenon • describe modernist directions and characteristics • explain and use relevant concepts • analyse works of art and literary texts and demonstrate how they are modernist
Assessment method
Combined exam with question and an oral presentation. The students get 3 days to prepare an oral presentation with materials about a given topic.
Marking scale
References will be distributed at the beginning of the course.
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