1573.23 - Dialectology (BA)

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Dialectology (BA)
Students must have completed the first part of BA in Faroese or have equivalent qualifications. This course can also be taken as an individual course with other prerequisites (please refer to the academic programme in force).
The aim of the course is that the students shall learn how to work on dialectology theoretically and practically. The students shall learn different methods in dialect studies, and they shall be able to evaluate advantages and disadvantages in different methods. The students learn how to conduct dialect studies, and they themselves shall collect new dialectal data either in fieldwork or using data for instance picked out in sound recordings at The institute of Faroese (Føroyamálsdeildin). The analyses will be presented and discussed in class. In addition, the students shall learn how informants are picked out for different kinds of dialect studies.
The content can be divided into two parts: one theoretical and one practical part. In the theoretical part dialect theories as well as a selection of dialect studies will be discussed. A selection of dialect thesis will be examined in order to evaluate content, methods, results etc. In the practical part the students conduct their own dialect studies. These studies will be presented and discussed in class.
Learning and teaching approaches
The approaches used are class-based teaching, student presentations and discussions.
Learning outcomes
Successful students can demonstrate that they are able to: • Explain dialectology as a linguistic discipline. • Explain dialectal variation in the Faroes. • Explain how dialect studies are carried out. • Evaluate the quality of dialect studies. • Work with self-collected dialectal data.
Assessment method
Oral presentation on a prepared text (20 minutes) with three days preparation.
Marking scale
Literature list will be presented at the beginning of the course.
Jógvan í Lon Jacobsen