1578.24 - Sociolinguistic Fieldwork (BA)

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Sociolinguistic Fieldwork (BA)
Students must have completed the required core component of the BA in Faroese or have equivalent qualifications. Admission can also be granted under alternative prerequisites.
The purpose of this course is to afford students insight into and the ability to work with sociolinguistic fieldwork in a Faroese setting. Students will learn about different fieldwork methods and about all the components of conducting fieldwork, e.g. about research ethics, the Data Protection Act, fieldwork planning and processing and analysing the data. Students will conduct fieldwork, work with the data and analyse it as well as learn how to use technology applied in fieldwork and analyses.
The course is mostly practical but also theoretical. Sociolinguistics covers many topics, and theory as well as methods have been developed over time. The reading material for the course will mostly be methodological studies and reflection, but in order to know when to use different methods, a basic understanding of sociolinguistic theory is necessary as well. We are going to learn about sociolinguistics in general and in the Faroe Islands in particular, about different methods and pros and cons of these methods. We are going to focus on one dialect in particular, most likely the dialect of Sandoy, and reflect upon what to research using which method in this dialect area. In the practical section, the students will conduct fieldwork in the chosen dialect area, and they must plan the fieldwork from the beginning to the end. The students will gain insight into and experience with appropriate software like Praat and other transcription software and applying these to processing and analysis of data, and lastly, they will learn to disseminate research.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, student presentations, group work, fieldwork.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course can demonstrate ability to: - discuss and critically assess sociophonetic theory and research - discuss the development of sociolinguistic research on the Faroe Islands and in other language societies as well - discuss different methods, reflect upon these and consider pros and cons - prepare and carry out fieldwork as well as discuss this fieldwork and the methods used - process, analyse and discuss the collected material - disseminate research - reflect upon research ethics
Assessment method
Take home assignment (two weeks) on a set topic.
Marking scale
Bibliography will be circulated at the beginning of the course. You will have to buy a textbook. More information on this before the course starts. In addition to the textbook, individual chapters from other textbooks will be read, as well as academic articles, fieldwork guides and other texts. These will be handed out to students.
Sandra Saxov Lamhauge