1674.22 - Art and Modernity

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Art and Modernity
Upper secondary diploma or equivalent.
The purpose of this course is for students to acquire theoretical insight into relations between art and art concepts associated with modernity, meaning changes and currents in art in a broad sense in the 20th century. Through lectures, concrete examples and discussions students will learn to analyse art with a view to the aforementioned associations and develop their own understanding of relevant currents and periods.
In this course we will read and consider in depth key theories in art history periods, particularly from the 20th century. Through texts, lectures and discussions, the course offers an introduction to philosophical, aesthetic and theoretical reflections on artistic creation in relevant concepts such as modernity, modernism, avant-garde, isolation, exile, reproduction, urbanity, critique of modernity, folk revival, pop art, minimalism and postmodernism. Key texts and works will be read and placed in context. The course also encompasses presentations and discussions of selected works, where the above-mentioned theoretical strands are intervowen and become tangible.
Learning and teaching approaches
Teaching is structured as weekly lectures each combined with a concrete example and discussion. Students will choose a theory topic at the beginning of the course and prepare a short presentation on this for the class. In addition, students are required to submit one or two minor written assignments linking one theory topic to their own artistic work. Presentations and written submissions count towards active course participation.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete this course can demonstrate ability to: • Explain key currents in art and modernity • Analyse fundamental art theory concepts and their significance for artistic creation • Describe the role of art in modernity and assess the link between art and society
Assessment method
Oral examination lasting 30 minutes (with 30 minutes of preparation time)
Marking scale
To be circulated at the start of the course.
Knút Háberg Eysturstein