7003.10 - Creative Learning

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Creative Learning
The goal of the course is threefold. The students shall gain (1) a clear understanding of what creative teaching is, (2) insight into the theories, conceptualities and issues, which characterise creative and aesthetic ways of learning, and (3) an awareness of didactic challenges related to creative and aesthetic pedagogical approaches.
The topics covered are: • Creative pedagogy in historical context • Creative pedagogy within the stream of Reform Pedagogy • Basic concepts in creative and aesthetic ways of learning • Creative pedagogy, creativity and art • Creative pedagogy, culture and nation building • Creative pedagogy as identity construction • Creative pedagogy in a variety of subjects • Creative pedagogy in day institutions, kindergartens and schools
Assessment method
On completion of the course, students will, in groups, write a paper. Further information on the paper will be given in a separate document. Internal examiners will be used. Grades will be awarded according to the current grading scale.