7113.10 - Process Writing

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Process Writing
The purpose of the course is firstly to ensure that every student will become acquainted with process writing as a method and with the value of this creative approach to writing as a tool to develop pupils’ writing competence. Secondly, students will be informed about the pedagogical possibilities opened up in this method. Thirdly, the course aims at providing students with a new method they can use when writing papers and completing other projects.
The course is based on a series of books titled Kom og skriva (Come and Write) and enables students to use these books when teaching in the Faroese school. The course is structured as follows: 1. On process writing. Main themes in process writing will be explained. 2. On free writing (stream of consciousness). Students will try this writing method. 3. Sense exercises. Students will explore the importance of the senses for writing good texts. 4. The structure and purpose of Kom og skriva will be explained. 5. The steps in process writing. Students will work with the whole writing process, i.e. preparation, writing and evaluation. 6. The students will learn to evaluate their own and others’ texts.
Assessment method
The evaluation is twofold: Those responsible for the course (1) take attendance, and (2) evaluate whether students have been active in the various sense- and writing exercises. Internal examiners will be used. Grades are awarded on a Passed/Not Passed basis